18 pumpunits (690V) for WML


Pleuger Water Solutions supplied 18 pumps to Water Company Limburg type QN83-4a + MX6 720-2 with a capacity of 175 m3 / h at 37 meters. These pumpunits are used when, due to calamaties, no riverwater can be taken in. The 9 existing sources were extended by another 9. Very challanging because in the existing sources pumps had to come up with a much higher capacity and the existing electrical wiring to the sources had to be maintained. The length of these cables were up to 1,500 meters and the diameter was not sufficient for a higher power. Pleuger Water Solutions proposed to WML to select higher voltage motors ( 690V) so the existing cabling could be preserved.

Ruud Swinkels, Account Manager

Ruud Swinkels

Account Manager