“One stop shop” for RAVN platform


Wintershall gave Pleuger Water Solutions the assignment for a total pump system for the RAVN platform. The "one stop shop " assignement contained multiple services and products. This makes the whole process from order to delivery to total assembly a lot easier for the customer, since the customer only needs to contact one supplier. The "one stop shop" for RAVN platform includes engineering , manufacturing, supply and installation of a pump type NB64-8a + M6-200-2 , anti -fouling system , its air release valve and the Duplex risers. Pleuger Water Solutions wants to make it as easy as possible for the customer by providing complete packages, this is also one of the reasons Wintershall has purchased the products and services at Pleuger Water Soltuions  

Ruud Swinkels, Account Manager

Ruud Swinkels

Account Manager
Wil Roosen, Offshore Engineer

Wil Roosen

Offshore Engineer