Pleuger Water Solutions delivers 2 NFPA 20 compliant firewater booster pumps


As a part of the establishment of the 400 MW Horns Rev C offshore wind farm ( approximately  30 km off the Danish coast near Esbjerg), has been appointed by the Danish authorities to provide the AC transformer and the associated connection to the grid via high voltage submarine cable. The offshore AC transformer platform has to collect the electrical energy from the offshore wind farm, transform it to a higher voltage level and bring it to shore.

Within just 5 months from PO to delivery Pleuger Water Solutions managed to deliver 2 NFPA 20 compliant firewater booster pumps ( 151,2 m³/h @ 61,2m) for the Horns Rev C Offshore high voltage substation. To provide sufficient pressure on the firewater system to the helicopter deck and to the firewater sprinklers on the diesel oil tank on the roof deck, two 100% “firewater booster pumps” have to be installed on the roof deck, one pump on duty and one standby. These firewater booster units will work in close collaboration with 2 submersible firewater lift pumps (also supplied by Pleuger Water Solutions).

For these booster units we supplied the Mark 3 pump. A single stage, horizontal, end suction process ANSI pump (normally for chemical applications), with overhung Reverse Vane, semi open impeller and radial split, casing. The MK3 is in accordance with ANSI B73.1 specifications and incorporating advanced design features, the rugged MK3 standard pump provides unmatched performance and reliability Supplied in Duplex (CD4) material class.

Ruud Swinkels, Account Manager

Ruud Swinkels

Account Manager