31 January 2017

A perfect custom made solution!

A perfect custom made solution!


Wanted: 2 submersible pumps for drinking water purposes, duty points 45m3 / h @ 225m and 45m3 /h @ 265m in a deep (+/- 200m) and warm (56°C) source. Because on-site only 380V is available Pleuger was also asked to provide transformers and full motor protection.

For deep and warm sources conventional 400V or 690V motors aren’t the best solution. In this case there was also no room for very thick copper cables in the source. Pleuger Water Solutions has 1000V motors in the standard program, where a cable diameter of only 4x16mm2 is sufficient for the requested total cable length of 270m.

To get the necessary 1000V Pleuger delivered 2 complete transformer cabinets to which the 380V 50Hz is supplied. This 380V is converted to 1000V by a 100 KVA transformer. The motor protection is designed by us in a way that it covers the entire range; over- and under- voltage, over current, temperature (PT100) and phase monitoring incl. phase sequence.

The selected pumps, 1x QT8ELL-9a + MI10-420-2 and 1x NB84-16 + MI10-420-2, and cabinets are delivered within the required lead-time, including the requested performance, no-load and hydrostatic tests.

Ruud Swinkels, Account Manager

Ruud Swinkels

Account Manager