27 June 2014

Modification existing Reversed Osmosis Watermaker

Modification existing Reversed Osmosis Watermaker

A reputable worldwide operating drilling and exploration company established in the UK was looking for a reliable and innovative supplier of reversed osmosis watermakers. The existing ATEX certified watermaker had a decreased permeate output and had a high maintenance frequency due to continuous replacement of consumables. It goes without saying that it is a very expensive matter to replace consumables on offshore located watermakers. Pleuger Water Solutions executed a complete modification according to the latest standards. We equipped the watermaker with a complete new and patented pre-filtration system. This unique and fully automatic pre-filtration doesn’t need any replacements of consumables anymore, this is a major advantage for offshore platforms and saves a great amount of maintenance costs. Our experienced engineers would be only to pleased to advice you on the options.

Ruud Swinkels, Account Manager

Ruud Swinkels

Account Manager
Wil Roosen, Offshore Engineer

Wil Roosen

Offshore Engineer