25 September 2014

Pumpstation Dunea

Pumpstation Dunea

Dunea, one of the largest producers in the Netherlands of drinking water, used Pleuger pumps for over 40 years in one of it’s circulation pumping station Brakel. The water is pre-filtered and pumped to the dunes, some time later the water will be pumped up again for the production of drinking water. After many years of maintenance-free and full continuous operation the pumps needs to be replaced. 

After extensive market research among various pump suppliers followed up by a tender was decided to award the contract to Pleuger Water Solutions. This research clearly shows that Pleuger Water Solutions could offer the most appropriate solution that meets all requirements. The low operating costs, proven reliability and high quality were decisive.

The two pumps each with a capacity of 11.700m³/h at a head of 15kPa are currently being produced in our own production facility. The customer was closely involved in all phases of the engineering process before the start of the production.

If you are looking for a reputable partner with much experience and excellent references please contact us. We would be pleased to assist you with all your water related projects. Please contact our engineers to discuss the possibilities.

Ruud Swinkels, Account Manager

Ruud Swinkels

Account Manager