25 September 2014

Repair job firefighting pump

Repair job firefighting pump

A leading and worldwide operating drilling and exploration company had doubts about the reliability of their firefighting system on one of its platforms located in the North Sea. Of course, this system plays a crucial role for the security and continuity of the offshore platform.

In response to this problem Pleuger Water Solutions did extensive research and inspection regarding the reliability and functioning of the firefighting system. It is shown that the Pleuger submersible pump which ensures the feeding of the system, had to be overhauled after many years maintenance-free operation in extreme conditions. Therefore the pump was disassembled and transported to our workshop. After complete disassembly of the submersible pump, an expanded inspection report was drawn up and the repair proposal was send to the customer.

After receipt of the order Pleuger Water Solutions has immediately launched a complete overhaul of the submersible motor and pump part. During the repair process, the customer has witnessed the repair job several times to see to progress of the work itself. This was highly appreciated. After complete revision of the submersible pump (with a power of 750kW and a capacity of 1525m³/h at a head of 11,5 bar) it was timely installed on the platform to complete satisfaction of the customer. The customer was very pleased with the overhaul job and the clear and open communication.

Do you have a challenge in the field of pumps, please feel free to contact us. Our experienced engineers would be pleased to assist you on the job.

Ruud Swinkels, Account Manager

Ruud Swinkels

Account Manager