20 June 2013

The road to sustainable solutions. Taking the lead!

The road to sustainable solutions. Taking the lead!

Result and sustainability go together. Pleuger Water Solutions believes in providing total solutions that increase their own value. Installations are more efficient, lifetime is increased and less energy is used. This is the result of a positive critical view on both product and process. Pleuger Water Solutions constantly checks whether the customer really benefits from the supplied solutions. It was decided to adopt a proactive approach designed to ensure that the expectations and experiences of the customer are perfectly matched. Preferably experience in a positive sense, in a superlative of the customers expectations. Pleuger Water Solutions is convinced that an authentic and transparent approach provides a solid basis for further improvement. The re-certification of the quality management system according to the international standard ISO9001 only confirms this. As well as the preservation of the VCA** and the BRL K14020/1 certificate.

Karin Neggers, Product & Procesmanager

Karin Neggers

Product & Procesmanager