Fresh water pumps

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Fresh water pumps

Pleuger Water Solutions provides fresh water pumps for multiple applications. Important with these pumps, normally 24/7 in operation, is a high efficiency. The ecofriendly and efficient Pleuger® fresh water pumps are equiped with a universal Nema-connection. The pumps are being used for over 50 years in a broad variaty of on- and offshore applications.  

Benefits of a Pleuger® fresh water pump

Low energy costs
High efficiency 
Longer live span
Less environmental taxes 

Why a Pleuger® fresh water pump

Sustainability is getting more and more important. By using permanent magnet motors a 10% increase in efficiency is possible. The Life Cycle Costs of fresh water pumps exists mainly out of energy costs. Another upside to the pumps is a possible 50% decrease in environmental taxes. A Pleuger® freshwater pump is a smart choose for you as well as the environment. Our engineers would like to advice you with the best water pump for your needs.  

Ruud Swinkels, Account Manager

Ruud Swinkels

Account Manager

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