Pleuger Water Solutions has proven to be a reliable partner for the delivery of total solutions for water supplies on offshore platforms. The availability of purified fresh water is essential on any platform in the world. Our watermakers based on the reverse osmosis desalination principle, meet the highest quality standards and reliability.  In addition to an extensive standard range we also build taylor-made skid mounted watermakers.

Standard range watermakers

Pleuger Water Solutions combines the advantages of an extensive standard range desalination units with a capacity of 0-48 m3/day, with taylor-made skid mounted watermakers. Every inquiry will pass our engineering department which has several years of experience in designing desalination units for our markets. 

  • Pre-filtration by unique discfilter
  • Heavy duty offshore design
  • Danfoss APP series high pressure seawater pump
  • Low pressure piping in PP materials 
  • High pressure piping in stainless steel 
  • Automatic fresh flush system to prevent fouling at standby modus

Taylor-made watermakers

Next to our standard design, it is possible to include several options tailoring to the more extreme demands of our customers.

  • (Automatic) Chemical cleaning unit for fouled membranes 
  • Chemical conservation to preserve membrane in offline mode
  • Explosion proof design design (zone 1 or 2) for placement of the system outside the safe areas

For more information about our watermakers you can download the brochure or contact our experienced engineers. They are more than happy to inform you about the possibilities. 

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    24 hours a day 7 days a week contact
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Ruud Swinkels, Account Manager

Ruud Swinkels

Account Manager

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