Disc Filter in Watermakers

Low maintenance costs

Disc Filter in Watermakers

Pleuger Water Solutions distinguishes itself from competitors by using a unique and patented filtration system. Where other companies use a relative large multimediafilter in combination with cartridge filters, Pleuger uses a very compact and self-cleaning filter. Another great benefit of the system besides saving space is the sustainability. The filter is completely made of long lasting materials which makes replacing parts redundant. This leads to huge saving on maintenance costs.    

How does the discfilter work? 

The filter uses multiple discs a cartridge which are pressed together by a spring. Due to a relief on the discs, there are little holes the water can flow through. De particles in the water are bigger than the holes and caught in the filter. When there is too much residue a pressure gage triggers the automatic back-flush system. The spring loses tension and a flow of water flushed the discs clean.   

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