On board overhaul of 7 submersible motors


Pleuger Water Solutions received the order to overhaul 7 sumbersible motors (320kW 6kV) that drive the power pack of the Saipem 7000.

First an inspection on the vessel was performed and an assessment of all necessary repairs was made. Since the next offshore job of the S7000 was already planned the time table for the overhaul was pushed to the limit. After discussing the options the dismantling and assembly was planned on the vessel itself. Bringing the know-how and our expertise to our client and eliminating transportation of the motors as a whole.

Seal production and rotors (3,5m long and 1000 kg!) balanced within a day  by our flexible partners, our specialized stock of long lead time items and the expertise to vulcanizing new motor leads outside of our workshop allowed us to complete the job in just 26 12-hour shifts.

The overhaul of all 7 submersible motors was completed including all required documentation and reports.

Ruud Swinkels, Account Manager

Ruud Swinkels

Account Manager
Wil Roosen, Offshore Engineer

Wil Roosen

Offshore Engineer