Sewage pumps

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Sewage pumps

The sewage pumps that Pleuger Water Solutions supplies and renovates are being used by multiple towns to control their sewers. The main goal of these pumps is to remove excessive rainwater from polders, ponds and tunnels. Pleuger Water Solutions isn’t bound to any specific suppliers so you always get objective advice for your problems. This ensures that you always get the best sewage pump to fulfil your wishes.


Why you choose Pleuger Water Solutions

We offer solutions that aren’t based on our own products but on your specific needs and desires. This ensures an objective look and custom solutions to your specific problem. When it comes to service and maintenance we also like to think in solutions. We have a repair service that is 7 days a week, 24 hours a day available. We know how important your sewage pump is so we like to make sure that support is provided quickly. Through our experience in the field we can also maintain sewage pumps that aren’t supplied by us. If necessary we can take that pump to our workshop and test or renovate it. Because of our high level in service, quality and expertise we belong to the best of Holland. Our engineers can advise you about the best solutions for your problem.

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