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Pleuger Water Solutions has extensive experience in supplying, installing, maintaining and renovating pumping stations. We supply both axial and mixed flow pumps that can be precisely fitted into the existing setup. As a result, expensive civil engineering modifications are no longer required. Are you looking for a fish-friendly passage at the polderground? Let us know and we will investigate the best solution for your situation.


Pleuger Water Solutions is your partner in customization. We overhaul your existing pumps both wet and dry installation and whatever fabric. In addition, we use our innovative strength and expertise to always be able to deliver even if items are not available. We produce and test these components themselves. For complete renovations Pleuger Water Solutions is your partner for the mechanical, electrical and civil part.

Always a solution

Sustainable long-running pumps come with some difficulties in components required for an overhaul since it is more than possible that original items are no longer available. The impeller, blades or the suction nozzle might be affected or even beyond repair but no longer available. Pleuger Water Solutions has extensive experience in creating dummies to cast new parts and machine used parts (e.g. surface treatment). Once reassembled, the assembly is tested on our own test facility.

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