Geothermal systems

Thermal storage

Geothermal systems

Pleuger Water Solutions develops ecological waterpumps that allows you to control the temperature inside buildings. This thermal storage systems use the earths heat to effectively warm up large buildings. This is a very efficient en sustainable way of heating. This system makes sure that the buildings are cool in the summer and hot in the winter. Thermal storage is especially suitable for offices, hospitals, greenhouses or complete neighbourhoods.


Why you should choose for Pleuger Water SolutionsPleuger Water Solutions constantly innovates with new techniques to reduces our impact on the environment. We are ISO14001 certified and with our environmental management system we continue to build sustainable water solutions. Our thermal storage systems are a great examples of the innovative and ecological solutions we like to develop. Our repair service is 24/7 accessible and is able to quickly help you with any problems. Our experienced engineers would like to help you with any questions you might have about thermal storage.

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