3kV pressure compensated pumps for Digging Donald

The offshore industry is experiencing a continuous move into deeper waters, more remote and hostile environments and more complex projects.

This trend presents new challenges which are being met through innovative and sophisticated systems. Allseas one of the global leaders in offshore pipe installation has involved Pleuger Water Solutions for the modification of their subsea pipeline trencher Digging Donald.

Pleuger was awarded for the delivery of 2 additional submersible pumps to enlarge the jetting capacity. The 3kV pressure compensated pumps have a capacity of 900m³/h at a head of 7,6 bar. Pleuger stand for quality and efficiency, this is why we were the preferred choice for equipping this crucial subsea trencher. We develop new techniques and innovative solutions to meet the market’s ever changing needs. We would be pleased to assist you with your project, please contact our experienced engineers.

Ruud Swinkels

Ruud Swinkels

Account manager