Construction and installation: Q13, L5a-D and D18a-A

In 2013 Pleuger Water Solutions has worked on 3 Gaz de France projects regarding the construction and installation of 3 platforms: Q13, L5a-D and D18a-A

Scope of supply:
For all 3 projects Pleuger Water Solutions supplied:
- Selection and engineering of the SWL pump
- Selection and engineering of the pipe
- Design of accessories, such centralisers, valves and cable assembly systems
- Supervision of the project, particularly on the engineering side
- Implementation of the cathodic protection systems
- Testing , for example witnessed test of the pump , hydro test on the piping and load test on various lifting equipment
- Checking the accompanying certificates
- Delivery the goods
- Installation of pumps , column risers , cathodic protection , valves and accessories.
- Delivery of final documentation : Installation & Operating Manual + Manufacturing Record Book .

Project management:
Projects mentioned above are always custom- engineered. Because each client his specific needs there is no ready solution on hand.
Given the fact that construction of a production platform takes about 12 to 24 months , the pump installation is usually not ordered until the second half of the project , however it is important that we are all involved as early as possible in the project. Eventually, the platform should fit together as a puzzle. Concessions on quality will never be done.

Offshore deliveries are always performed including commissioning parts. We handle all fasteners and gaskets including 10% spares, additions at the request of the client are obviously no problem. The mechanics of Pleuger Water Solutions have extensive experience in construction, modification, repair, installation and testing of submersible pumps and piping. All Offshore mechanics are in possession of all required courses/ certificates even under the most stringent requirements to work in oil and gas production platforms, drilling rigs/ Jack Ups and regular shipping industry.

The installation took place in June/ July 2013.

Wil Roosen

Wil Roosen

Offshore Engineer