10 juni 2016

Optimization of bearings

Optimization of bearings

Continuously working with partners in industry and universities on the development of innovative technologies has led to many optimizations with regard to product design. Polymer research in specific has lead to breakthrough material selection of bearings.

Bearing bushes

For example the optimization of the bearing bushes for our submersible pumps. In the past years, our partners have made significant progress in the continuous improvement of compound polymers for bearing applications.

We have now successfully tested a special polymer compound explicitly designed for demanding bearing applications. This new bearing combines some excellent properties:.

  1. High wear resistance for longer bearing life
  2. Superior dry running capabilities
  3. Extremely low start-up resistance
  4. No swelling for continuous geometrical stability
  5. High temperature resistance for broad application range
  6. Outstanding resistance to a wide range of chemicals
  7. High impact resistance for easy assembly and handling
  8. Lean manufacturing process for best cost solution

Thrust bearing

3 years of development and testing were performed for validating this thruster bearing technology:

  1. Continuous high temperature testing > 90°C for several weeks with maximum load.
  2. Maximum temperature tests 120°C
  3. Continuous shock-loading treatment
  4. Low speed mixed friction testing

In its final design, the bearings are combining unique capabilities in terms of performance and resilience. The permissible rated performance is defined in the individual specification of the bearing.

Field Proven Technology

The first prototypes were delivered in 2012 and have been running for more than 2 years in some very demanding applications which have severe water hammer in their systems (Offshore, Mining). With more than 1000 HDB bearings of different sizes operating in the field so far, there have been no bearing related failures reported.

Features and Capabilities

For the MI16, rated load with the new thrust bearing is 150kN a doubling of the previous load 75kN. The HDB thrust bearing is a pivoting pad thrust bearing based on a stainless steel collar running against pads made of a application specifically designed material.

HDB bearing technology combines multiple unique capabilities and is superior to the old HDK (hard carbon) and HDF (rubber) series in every regard:

  1. Higher thrust capability (x 2 compared to HDK)
  2. Superior robustness against dynamic operating conditions, e.g. water hammer (x 2 compared to HDK)
  3. Minimized start-up torque (half compared to HDK)
  4. Increased resistance against wear
  5. Improved dry running capabilities
  6. Higher temp. resistance for maximum operating range (max. 100°C motor filling temp.)
Ruud Swinkels

Ruud Swinkels

Account manager